'I made myself into an AI Influencer: It's scary how easy it is'

Artificial intelligence is changing the landscape of every industry but it's almost unbelievable what the technology is already able to produce in the world of content creation.

In a matter of days I was supplied with numerous photos of myself that can only be described as stereotypically 'Instagram-ready' which could start me on my long overdue journey into content creation.

By providing my social media account and a handful of choices on how I wanted my model to look, a new AI software generated fifteen photos of me, and now the model has the potential to make thousands more.

Artificial intelligence can at its simplest form be described as the process where computer systems replicate tasks usually completed by humans, so in this instance it can be closely linked to graphic recreations.

I chose 'hot and beauty' images for my influencer, so we could test out the technology. What was provided seemingly enhanced my face and significantly enhanced my body.

Described as 'attractive for Instagram' by the creator, it has the ability to generate these types of photos from any image source, for example a social media account, or even create your perfect model with the features you might find attractive.

It only took an Instagram URL to create multiple photos replicating an influencer

These types of software also have the ability to create nude and 'not safe for work' images which could in theory be used for attracting followers on multiple different platforms and with more followers brings more opportunity to generate money from ads and promotions.

That capability to earn from this content is significantly increased because the software is able to place the model in any setting mimicking any type of location the user desires.

AI generated backgrounds significantly enhance the images making it comparable to real influencers

For content creators, artificial intelligence has the ability to completely disrupt their industry because anyone is able to set up accounts and begin making content.

Lowri Rose, a content creator with thousands of followers, said "what scares me is that AI generated influencers could take our jobs I guess because they could... sell things and promote products.

"The market is already so oversaturated everyone wants to be an influencer everyone wants to be on OnlyFans like everyone wants to be online, and make money.

"Now you can create so many more profiles so much quicker and create fake profiles so yeah that’s a very scary thought."

Evidence from online forums that give tips on how to make and profit from AI generated influencers suggests users are already using real content creators Instagrams to create their own content.Lowri Rose added "You shouldn't be profiting off of a woman. You can't just generate a woman and make her really hot and then make money off it..."If you're a woman, then you should make the money. But that's like taking money away from the women."

AI generated influencers provide tonnes of content to their millions of followers on social media Credit: @lilmiquela / @fit_aitana

Although AI influencers have thousands of followers many argue that they don't have the personal touch that real content creators do and AI can be used to help enhance creators profiles rather than take away from them.

Lowri acknowledged she likes "the personal aspect of social media" but knows "that things are going to change and you either keep up or you get left behind."

I spoke to the creator behind 'Generate Influencer' who said "the aim is to replace smaller influencers.

"It's easier to make more content with AI and it will be cheaper and cheaper so you will see more AI content but it's not going to replace all influencers it's going to replace some specific niches.

AI generated influencers are relatively cheap to produce and can gain thousands of followers online Credit: Via Generate Influencer

"Usually people want to create realistic looking photos... if there is an image that stands out a lot then more people are going to see that this influencer is generated by AI."

Although it might not be overtaking the content creator market just yet, the technology is intimidatingly impressive.

Some social media platforms have already taken steps which flag content that filters have detected could be made with artificial intelligence and OnlyFans make checks to ensure the content posted is the person making it.

But discussions on forums seem to suggest AI creators are trying to get one step ahead to make the AI more realistic and indistinguishable from real life.

Lowri added: "I wish that you could have a little disclaimer on posts to say that it's AI.

"People like personal conversations, like personal interactions so I think it will get worse and then it will get better."