Sunak urges Labour to support Rwanda plan as Starmer says Tories are fighting 'like rats in a sack'

Rishi Sunak has accused Labour of 'playing games'

Sir Keir Starmer will argue that the Conservatives have shredded their ability to govern the nation as their warring factions are “fighting like rats in a sack”, in a speech on Tuesday.

The Labour leader will vow that his “fundamentally changed” party is ready to rule and that he “won’t let the Tories take the country down with them”.

In a speech on the same day as the scheduled vote on the government's Rwanda policy, Sir Keir is expected to say: “While they’re all swanning around self-importantly, in their factions and their ‘star chambers’, fighting like rats in a sack, there’s a country out here that isn’t being governed.”

“It is time to come together, to turn the page on this miserable chapter of decline, and walk towards a decade of national renewal,” he is set to say.

Conservatives from both the right and the left of the party are considering whether to oppose the policy, with neither camp totally satisfied by the offering.

Labour will whip to vote against the Bill, meaning a rebellion by just 28 Tories could deliver a humiliating defeat for the Government.

Rishi Sunak has accused Labour of lacking a plan on migration, and called on them to back his plan.

He argued in a statement that the Opposition is “not fit to govern”, adding: “This week, Labour needs for once to rise above political games.

“They need for once to stop acting in their short-term interests. They need to act in the national interest.”

Conservative Party chairman Richard Holden accused Sir Keir of “planning to try and block our plans to stop the boats” and of lacking “the principles needed to lead Britain”.

“As usual Keir Starmer is saying what he thinks people want to hear – yet again taking the easy way out, rather than putting forward his own credible plans,” the MP said.

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