From iPhone Ultra to doorbell drone: What new tech releases can we expect in 2024?

Technology this year has already moved at an incredible pace and 2024 is likely to continue that trend.

The new year is expected to be one of the hottest for new tech drops we've ever seen.

Here's what's rumoured to be arriving in 2024.

Nintendo's follow-up to the Switch.

First released in 2017, the console is now estimated to have sold more than 132 million units worldwide, making it the third best-selling games console of all time.

Tech blogs are awash with rumours that a follow-up device could be coming in 2024.

Nintendo's new Switch, if we see it, could support 4K and have a brand new design too.

Insiders suggest a 'Nintendo Switch 2' could arrive in late-2024.

Meta's new VR headset

Could a cheaper VR headset be on the way from Meta? The tech company first launched their Meta Quest series to solid reviews, but sales of the headsets fell short of industry standards - so could a new model help give Meta a little new-year boost.

We could see a new, cheaper model launch early next year.

Ring's 'doorbell drone'

Ring and their range of video doorbells have provided some very entertaining moments this year, with videos captured from your front step racking up millions of views.

A new development by the company has been unveiled, so we know it's coming but there's still no official date for UK release yet.

Credit: Ring

First previewed in 2021, the 'Always Home Cam' is an autonomous indoor security drone and the demos of how the product works are pretty impressive. It can fly around your home and keep things safe. So far its official launch has been delayed, but I'm confident we'll see this hover in to 2024.

Apple iPhone Ultra?

Is Apple keeping us waiting for one of its biggest surprises yet?

If the rumours are to be believed then Apple's annual huge iPhone overall could take a step up, with suggestions an iPhone 'Ultra' could be on the cards. Technology bloggers reckon a larger model with additional camera could be where Apple focuses its efforts this time.

As always, expect a hefty price tag on this one too.

Could a cheaper VR headset be on the way from Meta? Credit: Meta

The AI Pin - and the end of the iPhone?

An 'Ultra' iPhone may not be enough if Humane have anything to do with it.

They're the company behind one of the most-trailed tech drops of 2023. The AI pin replaces the need for an phone screen, clipping onto the wearer, powered through your voice and AI.

It'll turn your hand into a touch screen with its in-built projector and has also been haled for it's battery life, allowing users to swap and replace one with another easily.

Orders have already been made available to those in the US and it'll be the turn of the UK in 2024.

As with all potential new tech, all we have to go on at the moment are the rumours but if they're anything to go by then 2024 could be a very exciting year.

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