Why now's the vital time to be Talking Politics

Robert Peston and Anushka will be Talking Politics with Tom Bradby every Wednesday on ITVX.

Has there ever been an election year in prospect like 2024?

Not only does a Tory government look on the ropes here, but Donald Trump’s enemies in the US insist it is democracy itself that will be on the ballot there, a once unimaginable prospect in the country we are used to thinking of as the leader of the free world.

The latest speculation about the election date here suggests that it might be conducted under the shadow of America’s titanic struggle.

It is hard to know what the impact of that might be, but it simply adds to the long list of intriguing questions about this year in politics in the UK; Are the Tories truly down and out?

If not, what do they need to do to give themselves a fighting chance?

And, if they are, is there anything that can save them?

What will happen when Labour finally comes forward with a concerted programme for government?

Can Sir Keir Starmer get a swing big enough to see him into Number 10 Downing Street at the head of a majority Labour government?

Or are we looking at the prospect of a Lib/Lab coalition? And if so, what would that be like?

There are many questions.

We hope, with Talking Politics, we can give you some of the answers during what seems certain to be a fascinating year.

We will be concise, brutal, frank.

So do join Robert, Anushka and I as we try to make sense of it all.

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