Hamas releases video appearing to show bodies of two hostages

Senior International Correspondent John Irvine reports on the video released by Hamas

Hamas has claimed that two men, which the proscribed terror group took hostage, have died, after a video was released purporting to show both men's bodies.

Yossi Sharabi, 53, and Itai Svirsky, 38, who had both been abducted from Israel during Hamas' October 7 attack, were killed in captivity, Hamas alleged. A third person claimed to be with them, Noa Argamani, 26, is believed to be alive.

In a video released by Hamas, Ms Argamani - who is speaking as a hostage - says Mr Sharabi and Mr Svirsky were killed in separate airstrikes.

The bodies of the two men are shown at the end of the video.

ITV News has not been able to independently verify any of the claims in the Hamas video.

On Sunday, Hamas released a 37-second video, in which the three Israeli hostages pleaded with their government to end the war and bring them home.

It is not clear whether they were speaking under duress nor when the video was taken.

At the end of the clip, Hamas said it would provide an update on their fate on Monday.

Hamas has released several videos of this kind, in an apparent effort to pressure Israel to agree to its demand of ending the war, ahead of negotiations on a possible release of all hostages in exchange for most or all Palestinian prisoners held by Israel.

Noa Argamani Credit: Supplied

Noa Argamani

Noa Argamani was kidnapped from a music festival in southern Israel on October 7, when Hamas militants attacked and killed hundreds.

A video of her abduction, which showed her screaming while seated on the back of a motorcycle behind her captor, was circulated across the world in the ensuing days.

Her terminally ill mother, Liora Argamani, previously issued an emotional video message from her apartment in Tel Aviv, pleading for her safe return.

"I have cancer, brain cancer," a translation of her message says. "I don't know how much time I have left. I wish for the chance to see my Noa at home."

"Noa," her mother continues. "I want to tell you if I don't see you, please know we did everything we could to get you released fast.

"The whole world loves you."

Yossi Sharabi Credit: Supplied

Yossi Sharabi

Yossi Sharabi was kidnapped from the Be'eri kibbutz alongside his brother Eli Sharabi.

His sister-in-law, and Eli's wife, was British citizen Lianne Sharabi, who was killed by Hamas alongside her two teenage daughters, Yahel, 13, and Noiya, 16.

Itai Svirsky Credit: Supplied

Itai Svirsky

Itai Svirsky, an Israeli-German citizen, was kidnapped from the Be'eri kibbutz.

His family were told by the Israeli government that he was taken to Gaza by Hamas.

He had been visiting his mother, Orit Svirsky, a committed peace activist, on October 7. Orit was gunned down in front of him, and it later emerged that her ex-husband Rafi - Itai's father - was also murdered, alongside his three dogs.

Hamas took around 250 hostages during its October 7 rampage, while killing some 1,200 people.

More than 100 hostages were released during a temporary truce in November, but 132 people remain held in Gaza, including the bodies of about two dozen who have died or were killed.

Israel's air and ground offensive into the Gaza Strip has killed nearly 24,000 Palestinians, according to the Hamas-run Gaza Health Ministry.

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