'My daughter died after horror Turkey weight-loss surgery,' distraught mother tells ITV News

The cost for private treatment in the UK is between £8,000-£10,000 gastric sleeve surgery, Ms Ribiero paid £2,500 for the operation in Turkey

The mother of a woman who died after having gastric sleeve surgery in a Turkish clinic has said her daughter is "one of many".

On January 5, 20-year-old Morgan Ribeiro travelled from London to Turkey for the surgery after struggling with her weight all her life.

Her mother, Erin Gibson, had not been told about the operation and found out through social media that Ms Ribeiro was already onboard the flight.

"I was distraught because I've heard horror stories," Ms Gibson told ITV News, "I would have done everything in my power to stop her going."

Morgan Ribeiro, 20, died after a weight-loss surgery Credit: ITV News

Ms Ribiero had gastric sleeve surgery, which involves removing a large section of the stomach, leaving only a sleeve of the organ behind so patients feel full more quickly.

The cost for private treatment in the UK is between £8,000-£10,000, Ms Ribiero paid £2,500 for the operation in Turkey.

On January 9 - three days after the procedure - Ms Ribeiro was told she could travel home, but during the flight she went into septic shock after an accidental cut was made into her small intestine.

The plane was diverted in air to Serbia for her to receive emergency medical treatment. When Ms Gibson received the phone call she did "what a mother has to do" and flew to be by her daughters side.

Four days later, Ms Ribeiro died from complications.

Speaking of her "bubbly and curvaceous" daughter, Ms Gibson said: "I'm sorry I wasn't there to guide you, I'm sorry you felt the need to do this to find your happier self, you were beautiful, you are beautiful and you'll always be beautiful."

"She was headstrong and she knew what she wanted to do and I just wish she didn't, she didn't need to, her beauty shone through.

"I expected her to recover, but of course she didn't and she's not the only one so we need to stop this," Ms Gibson added.

The UK government confirmed it is aware of over 25 British nationals who have died in Turkey since January 2019 following medical procedures.

“We urge anyone considering a medical procedure abroad to review our travel advice and the relevant guidance from the NHS and other professional bodies,” a government spokesperson said.

Now, amid her grief, Ms Gibson is fundraising to repatriate her daughter's body and cover funeral costs, all the while hoping to battle against the injustices she believes her daughter faced.

"It's the aftercare she didn't receive, the fact she was on the plane home too early, the fact she was showing signs of fever and infection.

"My daughter isn't just one, she's one of my many and it made me think about the pain and the suffering that everyone else has had to go through with this so if Morgan's death has to be the one person that's going to make a difference then we need to start spreading the word and stop this from happening."

Ms Gibson added: "Stop the Turkish clinics, we need to be united on this."

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