Son of man killed in ITV News Gaza video says family 'can't believe it'

The son of the man who was shot dead while holding a white flag in Gaza has spoken to ITV News after the fatal attack, as Senior Correspondent John Irvine reports

The son of an innocent Palestinian man who was shot dead amongst a group waving a white flag in Gaza, told ITV News he cannot believe what happened.

On Tuesday, footage filmed by Mohammed Abu Safia, a cameraman working for ITV News, showed a group of men in Gaza, holding a white flag, who wanted to rescue their family after being forced to evacuate their homes.

Minutes later, one of the men, Ramzi Abu Sahloul, was fatally shot in the chest.

In the video, his son Mohammed Abu Sahoul is seen screaming as his father lies lifeless on the ground.

Speaking ITV News on Thursday, the young boy said he "couldn't believe it happened."

"How was he shot? He was carrying a white flag, a symbol of peace, not of killing or violence," he added.

A group of men in Gaza, holding a white flag, told ITV News they wanted to rescue their family members - minutes later one was shot dead, as Senior International Correspondent John Irvine reports

This video contains distressing images

Israeli soldiers are suspected of carrying out the attack which - since ITV News aired the video - some campaigners have described as a "war crime".

Top UN advisor Francesca Albanese said: "Waving a white flag, posing no danger, surrendering, cannot be shot at, otherwise this is a summary execution, and this is what happens, made all the more serious because this was a civilian who was going to rescue his family - shocking. "I think it is a televised war crime, there is no justification for killing a civilian. "What kind of danger were those people posing? They were just talking to some journalist."

The IDF dismissed the video in a statement to ITV News, saying it is "not aware of this incident."

"The video is clearly edited and we have no way to comment," a spokesperson said.

On Thursday, Foreign Secretary Sir David Cameron visited Jerusalem to speak to Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

The former prime minister told broadcasters: “What I was saying is, look, it’s time for an immediate pause in the fighting because we’ve got to not only get the aid in, but, crucially, we’ve got to get those hostages out.

“And what I think we can do now is plan for how you turn that pause into a permanent, sustainable ceasefire without a return to fighting. That’s what I was pushing him on. And that’s what I’ll be talking about here today.”

He said the Hamas leadership must leave Gaza for a cessation, but that the Palestinians must also be shown there is a “route to having a Palestinian state, to having a new future”.

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