Australian MP confesses to 'mixing prescription drugs and alcohol' after damning video goes viral

Mr Joyce has said he made 'a big mistake'. Credit: 7News

An Australian politician has confessed to mixing "prescription drugs and alcohol" before being filmed sprawled out, seemingly drunk, in the middle of the street.

Nationals MP Barnaby Joyce, 56, took to morning television show Sunrise from the New South Wales town of Danglemah on Monday to speak about the incident.

The video was aired of Mr Joyce sprawled on the ground, appearing intoxicated - later, a plaque was placed in the same spot that read: "In memory of Barnaby Joyce being totally (expletive) drunk that time. 7th Feb 2024 (sic)."

Mr Joyce said on Monday: "Look, obviously, I made a big mistake - there’s no excuse for it.

"There is a reason, and it was a very eventful walk home wasn’t it.

"I’m on a prescription drug, and they say certain things may happen to you if you drink, and they were absolutely 100 per cent right."

Mr Joyce tried to explain the incident: "I’m not looking for sympathy, I’m not looking for an excuse. I came back, I sat on a planter box, I fell off and I was videotaped. There you go. What else can you say?"

He refused to be drawn on if he should be reprimanded over the incident.

"That’s not my decision really, is it? I’m not going to enter into a long dialogue about what other people might want to do," he said.

A picture of the plaque erected by locals in NSW. Credit: 7News

He also brushed off the fact nobody had seemed to help him as he was sprawled on the ground, but he did thank a taxi driver who offered him a lift. The man who took the video has been widely criticised for not helping the politician.

"For me, the good Samaritan was the Indian taxi driver who pulled over as I was walking home and said, ‘Do you need a lift, mate?’, which I obviously did."

Federal Opposition leader Peter Dutton has defended the MP, noting the person taking the video had not checked up on him while he was on the footpath.

“It’s pretty rough when people are walking past somebody who might need support,” he said.

“But I’ll have a chat with Barnaby this week."

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