BBC reporter criticised for 'disgusting' Bafta interview with Andrew Scott

Andrew Scott was at the awards ceremony for the Bafta-nominated film All Of Us Strangers Credit: PA

A BBC reporter has been criticised for his line of questioning during a Bafta interview with All Of Us Strangers actor, Andrew Scott.

Colin Paterson interviewed the star on the red carpet during the BBC's coverage of the 2024 Baftas, for which All Of Us Strangers was nominated for Outstanding British Film.

Asking the actor about another Bafta-nominated film, Saltburn, Paterson initially asked Scott if he knew fellow Irish actor Barry Keoghan, who took the lead role.

He then moved on to ask Scott for his reaction to "when [he] first saw the naked dance scene" at the end of Saltburn, with Scott replying that he "won't spoil it for anybody."

However, Paterson then asked the actor: "There is a lot of talk about prosthetics - how well do you know him?"

Scott then walks away from the interview, saying, "See you guys," as Paterson says, "Too much, too much."

Andrew Scott at the Baftas with All Of Us Strangers co-star Paul Mescal Credit: PA

The question from the BBC reporter has been met with criticism on X, formerly known as Twitter.

One user posted a clip of the interview, writing: "This is frankly disgusting. Andrew Scott is there to support his multiple nominated film and this is what you ask? Then when he looks visibly uncomfortable the guy carried on. Truly horrid."

The BBC has been contacted for comment.

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