Dramatic bodycam of Ukrainian soldiers escaping Avdiivka as Russian troops takeover city

The moments Ukrainian soldiers flee, under fire from Russian troops advancing into Avdiivka. Geraint Vincent reports

Video of Ukrainian soldiers escaping their final military stronghold in Avdiivka has emerged, as Russia confirms it has taken control of the country's eastern city.

Ukrainian troops are shown hiding in the Avdiivka Coke and Chemical Plant, when the shelling begins, in the video shared by the military on Monday.

A piece of debris even lands in one female soldier's drink.

As the airstrikes intensify, the troops rush to escape through the dust and damage.

Explosions at Avdiivka Coke and Chemical Plant, eastern Ukraine as the Russian military launches intense shelling

One group is seen firing guns out of a military vehicle, when they are struck and the footage goes black.

A huge hole can be seen in the back of the military vehicle as it speeds away.

The takeover of Avdiivka began over the weekend, with Russia and Ukraine both confirming the military action.

The city has been all but destroyed after four months of intense fighting.

Ukrainian forces had been holding up a last pocket of resistance in the city's huge coke plant, but left the bombed out city on Saturday.

This paved the way for Russian soldiers to take over, its military confirmed.

Russian soldiers demining the east Ukranian city of Avdiivka. Credit: AP

Russian state broadcaster Rossiya 24 aired footage on Monday, showing sappers combing through the remains of the newly captured area for mines and boobytraps.

Further footage shows high rise buildings completely gutted and the city's streets filled with rubble

The victory is a huge morale boost for Russia - just days ahead of the two year anniversary of Russia's invasion of Ukraine on Saturday, February 24.

Ukraine’s military released footage of the last hours of the defence of Avdiivka as soldiers who had been holed up in the basement of a factory run to their armoured vehicles under fire.

Drone footage of Ukraine's Avdiivka left in ruins. Credit: EBU

The withdrawal of Ukrainian soldiers from the heavily military protected city handed Russia its biggest victory since the battle of Bakhmut last year.

Along a front line which stretches for hundreds of miles, Avdiivka is another small step forward for Russia.

It will allow the Kremlin's troops to push their offensive further west, deeper into Ukrainian-held territory over less-fortified areas.

Pokrovsk, a railway junction further east, could be the next Russian objective, military bloggers said.

Washington linked the loss of Avdiivka to congress not sending the $60 billion in military aid for Ukraine which President Joe Biden has been lobbying for.

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