President Biden faces a fierce backlash from within his own party over Gaza policy

President Biden won the Democratic Party primary election in Michigan on Tuesday night. Credit: AP

President Biden faces a new obstacle to winning a second term in the White House.

A mutiny from within his own party.

Overnight, votes were counted in the Democratic Party primary election in Michigan.

Joe Biden has no serious opponent and so should have romped to an overwhelming victory.

And yet something far more interesting - and for the White House, more ominous - occurred.

Tens of thousands of Democrats in Michigan refused to vote for Biden.

Instead, those Democrats opted to vote "uncommitted."

In other words, they chose to vote in the primary election but abstained from endorsing Biden.

It was, in effect, a historic protest vote.

There is no secret about who these voters are or the source of their dismay with President Biden.

Eric Suter-Bull holds a Vote Uncommitted sign outside a voting location in Michigan. Credit: AP

Michigan is home to one of the largest Arab-American populations in the country.

'Abandon Biden': The new 'MAGA' being used to pull Arab American voters from the president

They are furious with Biden's backing for Israel, and distraught about the plight of Palestinians in Gaza.

So, too, are young and progressive voters across America.

They think, to put it bluntly, that Joe Biden is complicit in genocide.

While filming a documentary in Michigan a few weeks ago, I encountered this anger with Biden.

It is off the charts.

Many Muslim Americans I encountered were in tears over what was happening in Gaza.

They won't easily forgive him, although they may be reluctant to switch to Donald Trump, given his record of anti-Muslim speech.

The danger for Biden's team is that his core voters stay at home.

Can Biden stop Trump from derailing his foreign policy?

And if they stay at home, the critical battleground state of Michigan will be won by Trump, and it would likely allow the Republicans to win the White House.

Those Republicans also had their primary in Michigan yesterday.

Trump won it decisively, beating Nikki Haley by a whopping forty percentage points.

He has now won five consecutive primary elections by crushing margins, making him a near-certainty for the Republican presidential nomination

Nikki Haley is toast, although she is vowing to fight on for another week, until Super Tuesday.

Michigan is a state that has given a lesson for Joe Biden.

Whether he absorbs that lesson and changes his approach to Gaza, may decide who is the next president of the United States.

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