With Supreme Court ruling, the news keeps getting better for Donald Trump

Nearly everything is going Trump's way in the courts and in the political arena, ITV News Correspondent Robert Moore reports

The Supreme Court has ruled in a unanimous judgement that Donald Trump cannot be kicked off ballots ahead of the 2024 presidential election.

Three states - Colorado, Maine and Illinois - had claimed that because of his role on January 6, he was ineligible to stand in primary elections for the Republican presidential nomination.

Their argument was he had violated section three of the 14th Amendment of the Constitution, which bans insurrectionists from standing for federal office.

That argument has been comprehensively dismissed by the nine justices on the Supreme Court.

They were worried it would create chaos ahead of the election, with Trump on some ballots and not on others, making a mockery of a national vote.

That means, assuming he clinches the republican nomination - at this point a near-certainty - that Donald Trump will be on the ballot in November.

But this is only part of the story, and just one reason why Donald Trump is so buoyant.

Nearly everything is going Trump's way in the courts and in the political arena:

Court will hear Trump's immunity claim

The biggest legal case of all is the January 6 trial, charging him with attempting to overturn the 2020 election result.

But the Supreme Court recently agreed to hear Trump's claim that he is immune from the charges because he was president at the time.

Whichever way the court rules that almost certainly kicks the case beyond the November election date, a key Trump objective.

Primary election success

Trump is also securing huge margins in the primary elections for the Republican nomination.

He won decisive victories in Iowa, New Hampshire, Michigan and South Carolina.

The case Trump and 18 other defendants are facing centres around their alleged attempts to interfere with the results of the 2020 election. Credit: AP

Tomorrow is Super Tuesday where he will win an avalanche of delegates when 15 states vote on a single day.

His sole remaining rival, Nikki Haley, is expected to drop out, and Trump may be the de facto presidential nominee by Wednesday.

Legal case confusion

Two other legal cases against Trump are mired in delay and confusion.

Both the Georgia state case and the federal secret documents trial in Florida won't happen anytime soon, allowing the former president's lawyers to hope neither will result in a guilty verdict until after November.

Leading the polls

Polling also shows Trump ahead in match-ups against Joe Biden, including in all the key swing states.

It allows Trump to project himself as the clear favourite to win the White House.

The growing doubts about President Biden's age and mental agility only further help Trump. You can see why the former president is having the best possible start to his week.

A week that is about to get a whole lot better once the Super Tuesday results are in.

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