Hi Barbie! Dame Helen Mirren and Kylie Minogue honoured with one-of-a-kind dolls

Dame Helen said: 'I am absolutely blown away by my Barbie.' Credit: Mattel

Dame Helen Mirren and Kylie Minogue are among eight women honoured with their own Barbie dolls ahead of International Women's Day.

Dame Helen's one-of-a-kind doll shows the actress, who narrates the recent Barbie film, in the outfit she wore on the red carpet at the Cannes film festival last year: a cornflower blue gown by Del Core and matching blue hair.

She can also be seen carrying a blue fan and a miniature Oscars statue, in recognition of the Academy Award she won for The Queen in 2007.

Dame Helen said: “I am absolutely blown away by my Barbie.

The Barbie's have been created ahead of International Women's Day. Credit: Mattel

“To be chosen by Barbie as a role model is a huge compliment, and something I would never have imagined in my wildest dreams happening to me at this stage in my life.

“It’s a very special thing, and something I can add to my list of my favourite achievements; becoming a Dame of the British Empire, having an Oscar, having a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame – and having my own Barbie.”

She added: “The intricacy and detail of the doll is extraordinary; I love that the Barbie doll is wearing one of my favourite ever red carpet looks, and it was the first time I’d ever had blue hair, and it felt so exciting.“

Dame Helen at the Cannes Film Festival. Credit: AP

Dame Helen, 78, has been named a UK role model by Barbie creator Mattel as the brand celebrates female storytellers ahead of the doll’s 65th anniversary on March 8.

She is among eight others recognised for shaping the future through their inspiring stories, each one recognised with a doll made in their likeness.

The other women are Australian singer Kylie Minogue; Canadian singer Shania Twain; German comedian and activist Enissa Amani; Mexican director, producer and screenwriter Lila Aviles; American artist, activist, author and producer Viola Davis; Japanese model Nicole Fujita; and content creator from the Tatuyo Amazonas indigenous community, Maira Gomez.

Minogue's Barbie is fashioned after her all-red outfit in the music video for her mega-hit Padam Padam.

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