Time is ticking for Trump to pay his fines as legal battles rumble on

Donald Trump Credit: AP

From real estate to private jets, to the open bragging about his billions, Donald Trump is a man who has measured his success through his wealth.

Today, in New York, that image is hitting the hard reality of the courts as the deadline runs out for him to stump up a fine of nearly half a billion dollars (£395 million).

In February a New York court imposed the fine after finding him guilty of fraudulently inflating his net worth in order to secure favourable loans.

He has had 30 days to get the money, but so far the self-proclaimed dealmaker has been unable to find either the cash or a single insurance company to guarantee his fine while he appeals.

Hands off Trump Tower

Trump has sent furious messages to his supporters headlined “Hands Off Trump Tower”, asking for donations because “the New York Attorney General wants to seize [his] properties including the iconic Trump Tower”.

Indeed the authorities do have the power to move against his assets, including Trump Tower in New York, Mar-a-Lago in Florida, his golf courses and private jet, as well as the ability to freeze his bank accounts.

That could prove a devastating threat to his business interests unless he can cobble together an eleventh-hour deal by the end of the day.

The charges levied against Trump refer to hush-money payments made to Stormy Daniels. Credit: AP

Stormy Daniels

Trump is appearing in court today for a separate hearing.

This one will set a new date for a criminal trial in which he is accused of paying hush money to cover up an affair with the adult film star Stormy Daniels.

So far, his multiple legal problems have not dented his popularity.

In a reversal that no other politician aside from Trump could have pulled off, they have improved his position in the polls.

However, he seems to be finding it much harder to stomach the blow to his image that could come with being forced to admit he’s not as wealthy as he’s always claimed to be, and to hand over so much cash.

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