The uncertain future of Bluey, the children's TV show which gets 1.5 billion views a week

The Heeler family.

It could be the end of an era for a children's TV sensation, which has been capturing people's hearts for billions of minutes every week.

Bluey, the cartoon pup and her loving family, little sister Bingo, father Bandit and mother Chilli, have fast become a staple for parents and their families across the UK.

But fears are growing that the show could be coming to an end, as a teaser trailer for the season finale, ominously called 'The Sign,' was released.

There are a few key indicators which worried parents have picked up on, and led to concern that the end could be near for the Heeler family's TV series.

First, each episode is usually seven minutes long, but Sunday's season finale is runs for 28 minutes.

In the final seconds of the previous episode, fans spotted a 'For Sale' sign outside the family home.

Bluey's home in Queensland, Australia. Credit: Ludo Studios

Previously, series creator Joe Brumm described the house as "sort of a fifth Heeler character," leading to fears that without the house, there may be no more Bluey.

The home has even been jokingly featured on Australian housing estate agents site Domain.

It has three bedrooms, four toilets and is described as "a quaint, animated family home nestled in an undisclosed Brisbane location, with mid-century design aesthetics offset by whimsical touches."

This, plus an emotionally charged teaser trailer to the final episode, showing the Heeler family waving goodbye to their home had parents in a panic.

"Two of my kids are an absolute mess as the credits roll on the new Bluey episode. Tears, quivering lips. I'm glad they'll have the season finale to look forward to, but they are a bit distraught for now," said one X, formerly known as Twitter, user.

While the tale of Bluey the Blue Heeler dog is aimed at children, it's fast become one of the most popular TV shows in the world.

Bluey viewing figures, as shared by the founder of Ludo studios which makes Bluey

TV viewing figures show in January, it was watched more than cult classics such as Suits and Grey's Anatomy, with viewers watching 1.5 billion minutes of the show on Disney Plus between January, 15 and 21, the Radio Times reported.

In the UK, the demand for Bluey in March 2024 was particularly high, with 26.9 times the audience demand of an average show over the last 30 days, according to Parrot Analytics.

Bluey has higher demand than 99.9% of all comedy titles in the United Kingdom, indicating that it is a highly popular comedy series, the TV viewing figures site said.

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