'We'll make it I swear': Bon Jovi on major throat surgery and putting their mental health first

Jon Bon Jovi tells ITV News' Rishi Davda that his throat surgery was 'successful' and he 'can sing again' but he's still unsure whether his voice will be strong enough to tour

Bon Jovi are a long way from the big hair and "bras" of the 1980s - the rockers are focusing on their mental health and recovering from throat surgery.

The iconic voice of Jon Bon Jovi was almost no more after he had to undergo major throat surgery around two years ago, but the singer is determined he'll be belting Living on a Prayer with his usual vigour.

"It’s eight o’clock in the morning folks, I don’t know if you want me to hit the high Cs right now, but the operation was a success and now it’s all about recovery," he jokes during a sit down interview with ITV News Entertainment Reporter Rishi Davda.

He said: "It’s like an athlete, you are back at training.

"After the recovery period it’s about training, so just to be clear, I don’t want anyone to misconstrue this, I can sing again, now the bar is two and a half hours a night, four nights a week, and then we’ll go out on the road."

Jon Bon Jovi. Credit: ITV News

His journey to recovery is a key part of the new four-part documentary Thank You, Goodnight: The Bon Jovi Story, which premiers on Disney Plus on April 26.

The series follows the group's journey from four teenage friends to global superstars.

His bandmates drummer Tico Torres and keyboard player David Bryan, who are sat either side of him during the interview, are also putting their health first.

The group admitted they almost "disbanded" in the early 90s as they were completely "overworked".

Torres said: "We would go and do 260 shows, come off the road and in three months do a record, come back on the road.

"It was just this hamster wheel. It was Jon, that brought in a gentleman, a mediator that put us in a room together to talk because it was a point when we were just so disbanded because we were so overworked.

"The fact that we were able to talk to each other in an honest presence and go ‘this is what I feel and this is what I feel’ and we were kind of able to work it out and stay together.

"He was corporate therapist I would say, it really helped us because I think we wouldn’t be here today. "

While the group say discourse around mental health is a key change they've gone through in 40 years as a band, they say fashion is another huge difference.

"We were told what to wear a lot of time, hey wear those parachute pants," Torres said.

Pianist David Bryan. Credit: ITV News

Bryan added:" In the first video for Runaway I wore a bra thing and I only bought it because it was 500 bucks, my car was 100 dollars. It was the most expensive thing I owned at the point.

"See you can laugh at it. You have to laugh at it.," says Torres.

Jokingly Bon Jovi said: "Otherwise you’d cry, we’d have to call the shrink back."

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