Germans call for kebab price cap as average costs skyrocket

The average price of a doner kebab in Germany has now reached €10 (£8.60) but Olaf Scholz has ruled out a price cap. Credit: AP

A left wing political party in Germany is calling for a price cap on doner kebabs, as the cost of one of the country's favourite dishes soars.

Amid fears inflation could drive the cost of a kebab above €10 (£8.60), Die Linke has suggested subsidising the dish at €4.90 (£4.20) - and €2.50 (£2.10) for young people.

Kathi Gebel, a member of Die Linke's executive board told BILD: "It's not an internet joke, but a serious cry for help. The state must intervene so that food does not become a luxury item.”

Doner kebab was popularised in Germany by Turkish immigrant communities living in West Berlin in the 1970s.

German chancellor Olaf Scholz has said the price of doner is a key issue for those he meets during public appearances, admitting he is asked about rising costs wherever he goes.

However, he has ruled out a price cap, saying: "It's quite remarkable that young people everywhere are asking me whether there should be a price cap for the doner.

"We live in a market economy where prices are formed by supply and demand but of course also with regard to the costs incurred by those who produce a doner, for example.

"Inflation in Germany is already falling and will continue to do so - this is where the European Central Bank has done a good job."

The German government took to Instagram to explain why doner prices have risen. Credit: Instagram / @bundesregierung

In an Instagram post, the government explained rising costs of ingredients, shop rents and energy prices brought about by Russia's invasion of Ukraine, are to blame for soaring prices.

The Doner kebab is considered one of Germany's most popular street food dishes, consisting of meat cooked on a spinning rotisserie sandwiched in a flatbread with salad and sauces.

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