Dashcam footage shows crash that left truck dangling off Kentucky bridge

Dashcam footage shows the moments before a truck crashed off a bridge in Kentucky and was left dangling above the Ohio River.

The driver Sydney Thomas lost control of the vehicle after a multi-car collision on Clark Memorial Bridge in Louisville in March, leaving her dangling 75 feet in the air.

The dashcam footage was released by police on Thursday, and it shows the 26-year-old's panic as she crashes and goes over the side of the bridge.

A firefighter from Louisville Fire Department was then lowered down from the bridge to pull her to safety.

"I'm starting to heal... Sometimes I pray and I don't think God is listening... But he was that day," Ms Thomas told local media outlet WHAS11 in an interview aired on Thursday.

"It is kind of hard to look at," she said, as she was being interviewed next to the bridge.

She said she was running behind schedule when another driver crashed into her, taking out the truck's suspension.

"[That] meant it didn't matter which way I turned the wheel, the truck was going to go whatever direction it wanted to go in," she said.

"I felt myself veering off to the left and then I saw myself going over the railing and I was like 'well this is it'," she said.

Footage of the firefighters' rescue efforts was released in March

"When I went through the rail I was just thinking like wow, this is crazy to die like this, and I really thought I was about to die."

She said she considered jumping into the water, adding that she couldn't swim. A man on the bridge talked to Ms Thomas the entire time she was stuck in the truck.

She was rescued and returned to the bridge within 45 minutes of the collision.

"'Thank God'. That's what she kept saying. 'Thank God'," the firefighter who saved her, Bryce Carden, later said.

"I said just take a deep breath and then here's what I need you to do because I needed her to sit and move in certain ways to get the harness on right. Once we did that we got her free of the seatbelt and she was on my system so we knew we'd be good from there."

Ms Thomas will return to work on June 1, WHAS11 said.

Trevor Branham, 33, was charged for his alleged role in the crash and the case is now set to go in front of a grand jury.

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