ITV News reports from scene as six killed in double airstrike on Ukrainian holiday camp

Ukraine's second city has come under sustained attack in recent weeks. The frontline of fighting is just a few miles to the north, where Russian troops have poured over the border. John Ray reports from Kharkiv

The holiday camp was no sanctuary from the war.

As rescue teams searched for more bodies, we stepped carefully through smashed up wooden chalets and lake side cafe.

This morning, families were relaxing by the lake when the first missile tore through the resort.

Witnesses say twenty minutes later a second landed, just as emergency services arrived to deal with the casualties of the first.

Valentina's husband was among the dead. There is blood in her hair and on her shirt. The first blast blew out the windows of her home.

An eight-year-old girl, a doctor and a police officer are among the wounded. Credit: ITV News

She ran out as the second hit. She's in tears as she describes finding her husband's body in the lake.Another witness tells us she tried to tend to a badly injured young man. "There was so much blood," she says ."When the medics arrived they put a tourniquet on his arms."

Kharkiv, Ukraine's second city, has come under sustained attack in recent weeks. The frontline of fighting is just a few miles to the north, where Russian troops have poured over the border.

The region's governor arrived - grim faced. He says five people have died; and 16 injured, including an eight-year-old girl. The numbers may well rise.

ITV News at the scene of the attack. Credit: ITV News

"We have such attacks every day," he says.

Oleg Sinegubov told me it was proof - again - that Kharkiv desperately needs better air defences. Ukraine's president has asked for two Patriot missile batteries. It is not uncommon for Russia to strike targets behind the frontline, where it believes off-duty Ukrainian troops are taking a break from the fighting. But the governor insisted: "There are no military targets here. It is just a place to come on holiday."

What we know so far about the holiday camp strike

At least six people have died and 27 others have been injured, but that number could still rise as authorities check the area for more bodies.

Among those wounded are an eight-year-old girl, a doctor and a police officer.

Eight of those injured are in a serious condition and are being treated in intensive care, while the rest are also being treated in hospitals.

One man was killed while fishing around 100 metres from the camp after being hit directly in the heart by a flying piece of shrapnel.

Two separate airstrikes were carried out on the site using Iskander-M missiles. The second was carried out around 10 minutes after medics and police arrived at the scene.

For the entire time since the full-scale invasion, there have been no military personnel at the site, Ukrainian authorities tell ITV News.

All the people who were at the recreation centre were civilians who were on holiday. Three of those killed have already been identified, while others are in the process.

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