'Eggs, chickens, milkshakes': The wildest election campaign moments this century

Watch the wildest election campaign moments from this century

'The campaign is when the public will really get to know them', is a phrase often trotted out by political parties talking about their little-known leaders.

But it is also the time party leaders put their neck on the line in desperate attempts to gain popularity, which often don't go according to plan.

While policies are the most important thing to consider when choosing who to vote for, personalities inevitably play a part. And trying to be relatable has backfired for countless politicians over the years.

The 2024 campaign has already had its first gaffe, with Rishi Sunak asking people in Wales whether they are excited for this year's Euros, despite Wales not qualifying.

There'll undoubtedly be plenty more before voters go to the polls on July 4, but here are some of the standout moments since 2000.

In no particular order:

Gordon Brown calling voter 'bigoted woman'

This is one of the all time hot-mic moments. Prime Minister Gordon Brown was heckled during a live TV interview during the 2010 general election campaign by a life-long Labour voter called Gillian Duffy.

The former PM's team then encouraged him to have a chat with Ms Duffy to hear her concerns. After their meeting, Mr Brown jumped into a car and made his feelings about her known, forgetting he was still wearing a microphone.

Boris Johnson hides from Good Morning Britain in fridge

Boris Johnson, who could feature on this list dozens of times, is no stranger to a political gaffe and they often work to his advantage.

But, with a landslide predicted in the 2019 general election, the former prime minister was keen to avoid slip ups and famously side-stepped an interview with Andrew Neil, despite Jeremy Corbyn agreeing to be grilled.

However, he brought a new meaning to giving someone the cold shoulder when he appeared to avoid a Good Morning Britain reporter by hiding in a fridge.

John Prescott punches man after being egged

Former deputy prime minister John Prescott was once an amateur boxer, which became clear in the 2001 general election campaign.

The Kingston upon Hull East MP was arriving at a campaign rally in Wales when a pro-hunting campaigner threw an egg in his face. The Yorkshireman immediately threw back a fist.

Nigel Farage 'milkshaked'

Egging politicians was replaced by milkshaking them in 2019. Nigel Farage was far from the only victim of the phenomenon, but he was the most famous.

The Brexit Party had just given a campaign speech in Newcastle ahead of the May European elections that year.

Despite spending £5.25 on his banana and salted caramel milkshake, Paul Crowther could not resist flinging it at the Eurosceptic politician.

The milkshake became even more expensive when Crowther was ordered to pay for Mr Farage's suit cleaning.

The naughtiest thing Theresa May ever did

ITV News presenter Julie Etchingham started a craze in 2017 when she asked Theresa May a question all political leaders now expect to face: What was the naughtiest thing you've ever done?

Ms May's response, an attempt to answer the question without divulging anything too damaging, went down in history.

You probably don't need reminding that the naughtiest thing the former prime minister ever did was run through fields of wheat.

Jeremy Corbyn's awkward high-five with Emily Thornberry

Strictly speaking, this one is not from an election campaign as this iconic moment happened on election night after polls closed - but it is too funny to ignore.

The 2017 General Election result was viewed as a success for Labour, despite losing to Theresa May's Conservatives.

Jeremy Corbyn got so over-excited at the narrow defeat, that he missed the target when high-fiving shadow minister Emily Thornberry.

Is Ed Miliband tough enough? Hell yes

Former Labour leader Ed Miliband never got the opportunity to prove to Britons whether he was tough enough to be their prime minister because he lost the 2015 General Election to David Cameron.

We never got chance to see the 'Ed Stone' - a two-tonne slab of limestone carved with his pledges - placed in the Number 10 garden, as he'd promised.

But we did get to see him stumble over his words when telling Jeremy Paxman how tough he is.

The Daily Mirror chicken

Politicians who shy away from debate have been called chicken for decades, but the Daily Mirror took the jibe to a new level.

The newspaper has been sending reporters out to taunt politicians at General Elections since 1997, but it was the 2010 incarnation that has become the most famous.

The chicken who chased David Cameron around on the campaign trail that year eventually became a senior member of Boris Johnson's government.

Former Daily Mirror journalist Lee Cain was hired as Mr Johnson's director of communications when the ex-PM took over from Theresa May in 2019.

Sir Keir Starmer gets barred from pub

Sir Keir Starmer was barred from a pub in Bath while campaigning for the 2021 local elections.

Landlord Rod Humphris was furious about coronavirus lockdown restrictions, which the Labour leader had supported.

Held back by members of the Labour leader’s security team, he shouted “that man is not allowed in my pub” and “get out of my pub”. Sir Keir quickly left.

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