Nigel Farage has milkshake thrown at him while visiting Clacton-on-Sea

Nigel Farage was hit with the milkshake as he left a pub in Clacton. Credit: Getty Images

Reform UK leader Nigel Farage has been doused in milkshake while visiting Clacton-on-Sea after announcing his bid to run as an MP for the Essex constituency.

It mirrored a similar incident in Newcastle in 2019, where a milkshake was also thrown at him while he was out campaigning.

The new leader of Reform had arrived to chants of "Nigel" in the seaside town, but had to be rushed back onto a bus by aides following the incident.

Richard Tice, Nigel Farage’s predecessor as Reform UK leader, said: “The juvenile moron who threw a drink over Nigel has just gained us hundreds of thousands more votes.

“We will not be bullied or threatened off the campaign trail.”

Prior to his Clacton visit, Farage said he would be a “bloody nuisance” in Westminster if elected.

In his first major public speech since announcing his candidacy he addressed a crowd of hundreds at Clacton Pier.

Farage suggested that a chunk of Conservative voters could join his party and hit out at their handling of Brexit.

Shouts from the crowd included “get ’em Nige” and “we love you Nigel”.

He told those gathered: “Send me to Parliament to be a bloody nuisance.”

More to follow...

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