Republicans get the verdict they wanted in the Hunter Biden trial - but they’re not satisfied

Hunter Biden accompanied by the First Lady, and his wife, Melissa Cohen Biden walking out of federal court after hearing the verdict. Credit: AP

Hunter Biden’s conviction for federal firearms offenses on Tuesday has been welcomed by Republicans who for years have targeted the president’s son for his wayward behaviour.

But some - counterintuitively perhaps - are angry, claiming the verdict will act as a smokescreen for what they say are much more serious crimes that have never been fully investigated.

Different Republican spokespersons have delivered a carefully coordinated message following the conviction.

Trump's former lawyer, Christina Bobb, told ITV News US Correspondent Dan Rivers that the Hunter verdict will "not have any sway" on the US Presidential Election.

They say Hunter made millions by leveraging his relationship with his father, the 45th President Joe Biden, to secure lucrative consultancy deals with foreign governments.

They insist none of this has been prosecuted adequately and that the firearms case is a distraction from the "real" crimes.

Both Joe and Hunter Biden have repeatedly dismissed any suggestion of improper cash for access, but it is an issue many Republicans refuse to drop.

Hunter legal woes aren’t over yet.

He faces another trial on tax charges in California beginning on September 5, which threatens to put an embarrassing spotlight on his finances only weeks before the Presidential Election.

In an unfortunate coincidence for the Bidens, Hunter’s sentencing for his gun violations conviction is expected to take place around the same time.

Republicans point out that for years they have claimed Hunter's laptop provided a trove of evidence about his illegal activity.

They say Joe Biden summarily dismissed the contents of the laptop, suggesting it was planted as disinformation by the Russians.

Now, they say they have been partly vindicated by Hunter's conviction, which shone an uncomfortable light on images of drug use taken from the laptop and his character.

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