Sandcastles and wheelbarrows: Ed Davey continues his colourful Lib Dem campaign

Credit: PA

By ITV News Producer Hannah Ward-Glenton

Wheelbarrows and sandcastles were the latest Liberal Democrats props as leader Ed Davey continues his campaign for Number 10 on Monday.

Davey spent the morning at the Broadsands Beach near Paignton, Devon, where he made sandcastles with children and their parents.

Sandcastles topped with miniature Lib Dem placards. Credit: PA

Shoes and socks off, Davey got stuck in - but when he lifted up the bucket on his first architectural masterpiece, one of the sandcastle's turrets collapsed.

Davey declared that first attempt a "seven out of 10", saying that he was out of practice having not built a sandcastle for 40 years.

The Lib Dem leader's sand creations were topped with branded orange diamonds.

Davey said he was making “affordable sandcastles” in a nod to his manifesto pledge to build 380,000 new homes a year, 150,000 of which would be social homes.

Davey then re-donned the shoes and socks to visit Yeovil in Somerset, where he took on a wheelbarrow obstacle course.

Ed Davey with Liberal Democrats parliamentary candidate for South Devon Caroline Voaden. Credit: PA

He brought two yellow wheelbarrows to Huish Park, Yeovil Town FC’s ground, and navigated an obstacle course on the pitch.

Wheelbarrow racing takes place each year in Watchet, further west in Somerset.

Davey's team lost in a competition against the team fronted by local candidate Adam Dance.

But when party organisers emerged with a blue wheelbarrow, Davey and his yellow one-wheeler reportedly won by a large margin.

The Liberal Democrats leader has so far been using fun photo ops and sometimes chaotic stunts to try and win over voters in the run-up to the General Election on July 4.

Sir Ed Davey was given the makeover by presenter Laura Puddy. Credit: ITV / This Morning

His most notable appearances so far include a summer makeover on This Morning last week, which led to him being described as "sexy" by Australian actor Jason Donovan, and Davey launching himself head-first down a giant inflatable waterslide in the pouring rain in May.

The Liberal Democrats released their manifesto on June 10, declaring it "a manifesto to save the NHS".

Health and social care, cost-of-living plans, tackling sewage and legalising cannabis were some of the key policies in the plan.

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