'It's comical': US says ship still fighting despite repeated Houthi claims that it has been sunk

The USS aircraft carrier Dwight D. Eisenhower sails in the Red Sea. Credit: AP

The US has rubbished repeated claims from Yemen's Houthis that they have sunk one of their oldest aircraft carriers.

Captain of the USS Dwight D. Eisenhower, Christopher Hill, said: "I think it's been two or three times in the past six months we've allegedly been sunk, which we have not been.

"It is almost comical at this point. They're attempting to maybe inspire themselves through misinformation, but it doesn't work on us."

Reports from both the Houthis and social media accounts supporting them have repeatedly claimed they have hit or even sunk the carrier in the Red Sea.

The carrier leads the US response to Houthis targeting of commercial vessels and warships in the waterway - attacks that began as a show of solidarity with Hamas in its war with Israel.

Journalists have visited the ship after being invited by the Navy hoping to counter Houthi claims.

And, aside from some rust on its side, and an apparent leak in the dining room, the ship appeared no worse for wear.

Captain Hill has taken to social media to combat Houthi claims, regularly posting videos of his crew and the activities they get up to while on board.

Moral however has become of deep concern to the captain. The Eisenhower and its allied ships have gotten just one short port call during the eight-month rotation so far to Greece.

The carrier also has been the most-deployed carrier among the entire US fleet over the last five years, according to an analysis by the US Naval Institute's news service.

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