The rumours are true and a heatwave is headed our way, but just how hot will it get?

Heatwave finally on its way, but for how long and how hot will it be. Credit: PA

The rumours are true.

A heatwave is on the way next week and while it's a little uncertain as to how long it will last, this news is more than welcome.

Especially given the underwhelming weather conditions we've had to endure so far this month.

Temperatures have been hiding between below average, to average, but the mercury is set to rise and in turn, raise our spirits.

Over the next few days temperatures will gradually increase as high pressure moves in temporarily.

But it's next week when the real heat will kick in - and here's how it's all going to happen.

On the other side of the pond temperatures in some parts of the United States are already soaring.

This is causing the Atlantic Jet Stream to buckle up and down as it flows towards us high up in the atmosphere.

The jet stream flows high overhead and causes changes in the wind and pressure at that level, watch how it will make its way over to the UK

Where it buckles and bends always has a big sway on the types of weather conditions we see here in the UK.

Next week we're expecting the jet to buckle up to the north of Britain, which will cut off the cool arctic air on its northern side and allow the much warmer air across southern Europe to venture northwards across the country.

So just how hot will it get?

Well at this stage it won't be hot enough for any heat warnings which is good news for those of us that become even more vulnerable in extreme heatwaves.

That being said, considering how cool it's been thus far in June it will feel remarkably hotter and a lot like the idea of the proper summer many have been dreaming of with the warmest temperatures expected to be between 25 - 28C.

Whilst it's too early to say for sure, there are signs it may not last the whole week. 

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