Jamie Foxx says he was 'gone for 20 days' as actor reveals more about mystery illness

Actor Jamie Foxx was in hospital for two weeks in April 2023. Credit: AP

Movie star Jamie Foxx has disclosed more about the mystery illness that started with a "bad headache" and left him "gone for 20 days".

The Oscar-winning actor was left in hospital for two weeks, following the medical episode that almost derailed his career.

Foxx, whose films include Django Unchained and the biopic Ray, told fans outside of a restaurant in Arizona "look, April 11 last year, bad headache, asked my boy for an Advil... I was gone for 20 days."

Speaking to fans, he said he didn't remember anything and that his family took him to two separate doctors but refused to say "on camera" what he had been diagnosed with.

Previously, Foxx said he had been “to hell and back” after experiencing a “medical complication” in April 2023.

He has also dismissed rumours about his condition, saying he was not paralysed or blind, but did not reveal any details about what had occurred.

However, in December 2023, while accepting an award the 56-year-old told a crowd that six months ago he wouldn't have been able to climb up to the stage as he "couldn't walk".

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