'On the mend': Sir Ian McKellen reveals wrist and neck injuries after stage fight fall

Sir Ian McKellen pictured in February 2024.
Sir Ian McKellen fell from stage during a live theatre performance last month. Credit: PA

Sir Ian McKellen has revealed he injured his wrist and neck when he fell from a West End stage last month, causing him to withdraw from the remainder of the show's national tour.

Sir Ian, 85, was portraying Sir John Falstaff in a production of Player Kings, at the Noel Coward Theatre, when he lost his footing in a fight scene and fell from the stage.

The veteran screen and stage actor assured fans in a new social media post that his injuries are "on the mend", adding his doctors have promised he will make a "complete recovery" if he avoids working for the next few weeks.

Sir Ian was taken to hospital after the accident to receive treatment, with his understudy, David Semark, stepping in to finish the show's run in the West End.

Earlier this week it was confirmed that Sir Ian would be withdrawing from the show's national tour, and that Semark would act up as his replacement.

In an update on X, Sir Ian said: "Just two weeks after my accident onstage I want to assure my many well-wishers that the injuries [to wrist and neck] are on the mend.

"My doctors promise a complete recovery - but only if I avoid work over the next few weeks.

"Meanwhile, the show goes on and the Player Kings company start their four weeks' tour without me.

"My understudy David Semark, who with panache took over for the final performances at the Noel Coward Theatre in the West End of London, will play Falstaff again in Bristol, Birmingham, Norwich and Newcastle."

He also expressed how difficult missing the shows had been on him, but encouraged viewers to attend the "masterful production" by Robert Icke.

"Any actor will say that missing a performance feels somewhat shameful, even when he is not to blame", he added.

"None of us ever wants to let down our audience.

"But Robert Icke's masterful production remains intact. His mise-en-scene is compelling throughout and his actors, led by Toheeb Jimoh and Richard Coyle as Prince Hal and his father, remain on top form. Go see for yourself!"

In a statement shared on Monday, the Player Kings production said it was continuing to send Sir Ian its "best wishes" as he recovered from the fall.

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