Wrestling legend John Cena announces he will retire in 2025

John Cena has been involved in WWE since 2001. Credit: AP

John Cena has announced he is to retire from wrestling next year, after a World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) career spanning over 23 years.

The American superstar shared the news with crowds at the WWE Money In The Bank event in Toronto, Canada.

Reflecting on his time in the spotlight, he said: "I've seen incredible waves of prosperity like we've got right now.

"And I've also seen tremendous hardship, that's when no one knows your name, and nobody wants to be your friend, and only the most dedicated, hardcore fans stand by your side."

He confirmed he will appear at the Royal Rumble, Elimination Chamber, and WrestleMania 41 in Las Vegas in 2025 ahead of his retirement.

The star was met with chants of "Cena! Cena! Cena!" by the arena's crowds.

Cena, 47, is considered one of the best professional wrestlers of all time from those within WWE.

He began his career in 2001, and has won the title of world champion 16 times since.

Cena has also ventured into the acting world, performing part time in WWE since 2018 to embark on a Hollywood career.

He has landed roles in The Suicide Squad and Fast X - as well as a cameo appearance as a mermaid alongside Dua Lipa in Greta Gerwig's Barbie.

Wrestler John Cena, top, chokes Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson at a Wrestlemania event in 2013. Credit: AP

Expressing gratitude for his fans' support across the years, he said: "I want to say thank you, thank you so much for letting me play in the house that you built for so many years.

"Thank you so much for your voice, because it's really loud, and for your honesty, because it's beautifully brutal."

He signed off his speech with a message to other WWE wrestling stars: "If you want some, hurry up and come and get some - because the last time is now!"

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