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Girl takes her first steps after life-changing operation

A five-year-old girl from Northampton is learning to walk for the first time following a life changing operation.

Grace Windram has Cerbral Palsy and has been using a wheelchair all her life. Last year, her family started fundraising to take her to America for a special procedure, which was not available to her in this country.

They finally reached their target of £50,000 a few months ago, which meant the operation could finally go ahead.

Grace's condition is caused by mismatched signals from her brain. Her leg muscles contract but are then unable to stop, causing spasticity which is painful and prevented her from walking.

The operation involved cutting some of the sensory nerve fibres in her spinal cord - effectively stopping those bad signals from her brain reaching her legs.

Just a few days after the operation, Grace was standing up and taking a few steps with the help of a walking frame. Grace's mother, Helen Windram, said:

"Seeing her finally up and walking is a dream come true. It's so lovely to see her excited face."

She added that it has made a big difference to her daughter's life: "The change in her is just drastic even, every day, we're seeing changes in her. It's so exciting and we're just so grateful."

Grace told us she enjoys being able to walk. We asked what it was like when she took her first few steps: "A bit hard but then I got used to it" she said.

Grace still has many years of physiotherapy ahead of her, but she may eventually be able to walk on her own. She's certainly making steps in the right direction.

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