David Cameron said he's looking at new ways of funding roads, and that improvements to the busy A14 could be paid for by charging drivers.

If built the tolled section of the A14 would be paid for by private companies. It would put the maintenance of our roads into their hands, and would be one of the biggest infrastructure privatisations since the railways.

They'd hope to make that estimated billion pound investment back by charging drivers per use of the new section of road. The government has promised that tolls will only be used on brand new roads or new motorway lanes.

But that's scant consolation for the millions of motorists who already feel they're being victimised. The government already collects £48.2 billion in motoring taxes, but only spends £9.8 billion on roads.

The government's other idea is to take a slice of money collected from motoring taxes and pay private companies rather than the highways agency to maintain roads. The theory is that their drive to turn a profit will make them more efficient.