Cameron says A14 could be funded by tolls

Prime Minister David Cameron Credit: ITV Anglia

In a speech on Monday 19 March David Cameron said the government needs to look at "innovative" ways of funding road improvements, with paying to drive on them being one option.

Another idea is to take a slice of money collected from motoring taxes and pay private companies rather than the highways agency to maintain roads. This could drive profits and make the road network more efficient.

Other new stretches of road like the proposed A14 development could be funded by private firms and paid for by tolls.

The government says tolls will only be used on brand new roads or newly built lanes of motorways. The AA has criticised the move, saying it could lead to further financial burdens on motorists.

The government already collects £48.2 billion in motoring taxes but only spends £9.8 billion on roads.