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Campaign for a £10 test to save babies' lives

A couple from Bedfordshire are campaigning for a £10 test which could save babies' lives Photo: ITV Anglia

A couple from Kempston in Bedfordshire are campaigning for a £10 test - which could have saved their baby's life - to be rolled out across the country.

Sarah and Adam Campbell's son died from Streptococcus B just hours after he was born. It's the biggest killer of new born babies, yet Britain is one of the only developed countries not to screen for it.

Their first child Ewan died just 8 hours after he was born. Ewan was infected with Group B Streptococcus - a bacteria which was passed on from Sarah.

Nearly a third of people carry the bacteria but it's rarely harmful to adults. The infection is the biggest killer of newborns in the UK. Each year 30 babies die and hundreds more are left disabled.

Screening costs £10 per person. At the moment it's not approved because the old style of test was judged inaccurate and there are added dangers of giving pregnant women antibiotics. With new tests now on the market the Campbells believe parents should be given the choice.

Click here for more information from Group B Strep Support or call 01444 416176

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