The Editor of the East Anglian Daily Times in Suffolk talks to the Leveson inquiry

Terry Hunt, Editor East Anglian Daily Times Credit: ITV Anglia

The editor of the East Anglian Daily Times has been telling the Leveson inquiry that local media is more balanced than national newspapers.

Terry Hunt's comments came as he spoke about how journalists covered the murder of five women in Ipswich in 2006.

Last week a retired officer from the Serious and Organised Crime Association told the inquiry into press ethics that some journalists' behaviour could have jeopardised the murder investigation.

David Harrison said that the News of the World employed their own private investigators to follow the police team, while The Mirror picked up a murder suspect and tried to lose their police tail.

Such were the police's concerns that when they arrested Steve Wright, who was later convicted of all five murders, the then chief constable sent a written warning to newspaper editors to make sure their reporting wouldn't prejudice his trial.

Lord Justice Leveson is expected to make his recommendations for the regulation of the press within a year.