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Jury expected to retire in Florida murder trial

James Kouzaris (left) and James Cooper were shot in Sarasota Photo:

A jury will today begin its deliberations in the trial of a teenager accused of murdering two British tourists in Florida last year.

Shawn Tyson is on trial charged with two counts of first degree murder after allegedly trying rob, then shooting dead, James Kouzaris from Northampton and his friend, James Cooper in Sarasota.

The friends were holidaying with Mr Cooper's parents and had been out in central Sarasota, when they drunkenly walked into a public housing estate known as The Courts in the early hours of April 16.

Tyson has declined to give evidence in his defence so the jury will retire after brief closing arguments by the prosecution and defence.

When asked by Judge Rick De Furia if he wished to remain silent, Tyson said: "Yes, sir."

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