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Concerns over fuel strike continue

Many forecourts across the Anglia region after the Government advised motorists to top up. Photo: ITV Anglia

Motorists continue to queue on the forecourts today in anticipation of a strike by fuel drivers.

However, the Unite union ruled out any industrial action over Easter. Talks between union leaders and bosses over drivers’ pay and conditions are ongoing.

"We do still retain the right to call strike action for after Easter should those talks break down."

– Diana Holland, assistant general secretary of Unite

Many petrol stations in our region have run dry because of the increase in demand. There has also been a slight increase in the average price of petrol and diesel.

In Cambridgeshire the average price of unleaded on Wednesday was £1.41.9. On Thursday, it had risen to £1.42.2.

The highest recorded price for diesel in our region was at a petrol station in Essex where, on March 29, it was £1.61. The highest price for unleaded was at a petrol station in Cambridgeshire where it was £1.50.9.

At the scene of a Total Garage on the Yarmouth Road, people are queueing for fuel with a wait time of around 20 minutes. The petrol station has run out of diesel but is expecting a delivery at 8pm Friday.