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V2 rocket remains found in Essex

Royal Navy bomb disposal experts are dealing with the V2 rocket discovered in Harwich, Essex Photo: ITV Anglia

Royal Navy divers were been in Harwich all day Friday assessing whether a German V2 rocket found in the harbour is dangerous. The Second World War missile was reported by members of Harwich Yacht Club.

A Royal Navy spokesman at the scene has just said the bombs are usually about 10 metres long and this one is deeply embedded in the seabed with just its tail showing.

Friday was the team's second attempt to do a recce. They say they want to excavate around the bomb but the tide is too high and is likely they will do excavation work on Saturday when the tide is expected to be lower.

Officers from Essex Police Marine Unit are involved in the operation off Harwich investigating what is thought be a Second World War bomb that has been exposed by the low tide.

Police say appropriate action will be taken when the bomb disposal experts have completed their examination of the device.

It is thought that the bomb has been in the mud for around 67 years and has posed no risk to the area in that time.

  • The V2 was used by the Germans from 1944.
  • It was 14 metres long and the world’s first long-range ballistic missile and led to the development of space rockets.
  • Each carried 1,000kg of high explosives.
  • 1,402 of them hit the UK – most targeted London. But 43 struck Norwich and 1 landed in Ipswich.

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