Royal Navy divers have managed to recover a World War Two rocket from the harbour at Harwich. The V2 rocket was fired at England from Germany but this one's highly explosive warhead was no longer attached.

It was an early, windy start on Saturday morning for Royal Navy bomb disposal experts as they returned to Harwich harbour to assess a wartime weapon submerged nose-down in coastal mud flats.

On Friday it was confirmed as a V2 - a missile fired at Britain in the last years of the Second World War. Four divers and two engineers set up a barge and digger around the site but had to wait until the tide was low enough to find out exactly what they were dealing with.

The rocket was pulled out of the water as it became clear there was no explosive warhead attached to its base section. The V2 will be brought ashore to be kept by Harwich Sailing Club as an ornament.