Bomb-disposal soldiers receive campaign medals

Soldiers on parade in Cambridge Credit: ITV Anglia

More than 100 bomb disposal experts based in Cambridge have been honoured with their Afghanistan campaign medals.

The event took place at the Waterbeach Barracks today.

Soldiers from 39 Engineer Regiment and 25 Engineer Regiment returned from Afghanistan earlier this month.

They were responsible for finding and disposing of improvised explosive devices and explosive ordnance within Helmand Province.

They were awarded medals by Major General Shaun Burley MBE, General Officer Commanding Theatre Troops.

Joining them on parade were around 100 military personnel from 58 Field Squadron (EOD) 33 Engineer Regiment (EOD) based in Wimbish, members of 11 EOD Regt RLC based in Didcot, 1 Military Working Dogs Regt, the Royal Air Force and Royal Navy who together form the EOD and Search Task Force.

The Task Force is also responsible for the training of new Afghan Army and Police Search and IEDD teams.