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Convicted killer Jeremy Bamber fails in his latest appeal bid

Jeremy Bamber's appeal goes on Photo: ITVAnglia

Since he was jailed in 1986, Jeremy Bamber has fought to clear his name. He was convicted of shooting dead five members of his own family at their farmhouse in the village of Tolleshunt Darcy a year earlier, and has always protested his innocence,

Over the past 25 years, his legal team's campaigned to get the convictions overturned. But without success. Now that his latest one's failed, how long can he carry on trying to get the decision he feels is just?

Bamber- a 51-year-old former public schoolboy - was jailed for life for killing his wealthy adopted parents, his sister Sheila Caffell and her six-year-old twins Daniel and Nicholas. He's claimed that it was Sheila - a schizophrenic - who shot the rest of the family before turning the gun on herself.

According to Bamber and his advisers, the police investigation was flawed. His belief is that vital evidence was overlooked and new information that's since come to light has been ignored.

His is the longest running case ever considered by the Criminal Cases Review Commission. It says there's nothing to suggest the original verdicts were wrong. The report concludes: "The Commission is satisfied that nothing in the submissions made by and on behalf of Mr Bamber or any issues raised in a recent documentary can, either individually or cumulatively, give rise to a real possibility that the Court of Appeal would find any of Mr Bamber's convictions to be safe."

The decision has been welcomed by Bamber's David Boutflour, who said: "He keeps protesting his innocence but there is so much damning evidence against him. He killed five people and all the evidence has always pointed to him and him alone being responsible."

Bamber's solicitor Simon McKay said Bamber was 'shocked and disappointed' by the decision but pledged to fight on. They're now considering taking the matter to a judicial review.

He's been in prison for 26 years, more than half his life. Has Jeremy Bamber any realistic hopes of ever being released? Legal expert Simon Nicholls says there's no limit to the amount of appeals that can be made and it's possible to go the High Court if they believe the Criminal Cases Review Commission have failed to adopt the correct criteria.

"What's against him is that there has been a long time since the original offence was alleged to have been committed so essentially the likelihood of new forensic evidence and scientific evidence and perhaps witness evidence is very slim." said Mr Nicholls.

Jeremy Bamber has always vowed to clear his name. At the moment, he still seems a very long way from being able to do that.

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