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Election 2012: Brentwood

Political composition of Brentwood Council following the 2012 local elections Photo: ITV Anglia


Conservative overall majority: 15

Brentwood is the home turf of Communities Secretary Eric Pickles and it is likely to remain securely in Conservative hands. The Tories lost three seats with one going to Labour and the other two to the Liberal Democrats. It was one of the few councils were the Lib Dems made gains.

New council: Con 26 (-3), LD 8 (+2), Lab 2 (+1), Ind 1 (n/c)

2011 share of the vote

Con 49%, LD 27%, Lab 15%, Others 9%

2008 share of the vote

Con 59%, LD 28%, Lab 8%, Others 6%

Council history

1973-91 CON; 1991-92 NOC; 1992-2003 LD; 2003-04 NOC; 2004-present CON

Electorate: 57,481Population: 73,800

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