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Election 2012: Daventry

Political composition of Daventry Council following the local council elections. Photo: ITV Anglia


Conservative overall majority: 22

Daventry is a safe Conservative council and no other party has had an overall majority. It was last a hung council between 1995 and 1999.

Elections took place for all 36 seats on following a recent Electoral Review which reduced the number of electoral wards from 24 to 16 and number of councillors from 38 to 36. The council normally elects by thirds.

The Conservative majority was cut from 30 to 22 with Labour up by four seats.

New council: Con 29 (down 4), Lab 6 (up 4), LD 1 (down 1), Ind 0 (down 1)

2011 share of the vote

Con 60%, Lab 28%, LD 6%, Others 6%

2008 share of the vote

Con 60%, Lab 19%, LD 17%, Others 4%

Electorate: 60,986

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