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Election 2012: Harlow

Political composition of Harlow Council following the 2012 local elections. Photo: ITV Anglia


Labour majority: 7

Labour have won back Harlow after losing power a decade ago.

The Conservatives were defending the smallest possible majority in a town that was run by Labour from 1973 to 2000. A net loss of just one seat was enough to take the Tories out of power.

In the end Labour made 5 gains taking four from the Conservatives and taking the last remaining Liberal Democrat seat.

Labour’s Foreign Office Minister Bill Rammell lost the parliamentary seat in 2010 to Conservative Robert Halfon.

New council: Lab 20 (+5) , Con 13 (-4), LD 0 (-1)

2011 share of the vote

Lab 46%, Con 42%, LD 11%, Others 1%

2008 share of the vote

Con 51%, Lab 27%, LD 21%, Others 1%

Electorate: 62,306

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