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Election 2012: Rochford

Current political composition of Rochford Council where one third of the council are up for election on 3 May Photo: ITV Anglia


Conservative overall majority: 23

The Conservative have held Rochford in the local elections with a slightly reduced majority.

A safe Conservative council with its past strength for the Liberal Democrats all but dissipated. Labour haven't held a council seat since 2006.

New council: Con 31 (n/c), LD 4 (n/c), Others 2 (n/c), Green (n/c)

2011 share of the vote

Con 51%, Others 20%, LD 16%, Lab 13%

2008 share of the vote

Con 61%, Others 20%, LD 11%, Lab 8%

Council history

1973-76 NOC; 1976-90 CON; 1990-94 NOC; 1994-98 LD; 1998-2002 NOC; 2002-present CON

Electorate: 65,631

Population 83,100

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