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Election 2012: Stevenage

Political composition of Stevenage Council following the 2012 local elections Photo: ITV Anglia


Labour overall majority: 21

This is a safe Labour council, one of only two which stayed with Labour at their lowest ebb (the other is Corby). It has been a Labour council since its creation in 1973. At 10 square miles, Stevenage is the smallest local authority area in the Anglia region.

New council: Lab 30 (+3), Con 6 (-3), LD 3 (n/c)

2011 share of the vote

Lab 47%, Con 32%, Others 11%, LD 10%

2008 share of the vote

Lab 40%, Con 35%, LD 17%, Others 8%

Council history

1973-present LAB

Electorate: 63,331Population: 81,000

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