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Tornado to floods - a farmer's misery

Last week it was a tornado. This week it's a flood.

Farmer Alan Barrow has had his fill of freak weather.

"Normally we'd have cows and calves grazing here, we've had to get them back in their winter housing because it's too risky to keep them down here with the river like this," he said.

Flooding Credit: ITV Anglia

The River Colne which passes through the fields of Brook Street Farm near Halstead has burst its banks.

Normally a foot deep, now it's running at about 10 feet deep.

Alan Barrow said: "A week ago we had the tornado ripping all the buildings apart, all the roofs, now I'm getting the insurance quotes through, I'm just waiting to hear how much it's going to cost really."

Just bringing the cattle in from the fields is costing money because they're having to be fed. And that's on top of the tens of thousands of pounds the farm's having to pay out to repair the tornado damage.

Brook Street Farm's not the only place counting the cost of the wet weather.

The Rattlesden River near Stowmarket burst its banks yesterday, flooding allotments. Today it's a case of salvaging what's left.

This afternoon eleven flood warnings were still in place across the Anglia region.

The rain may have been long overdue, but with more showers expected overnight and into the bank holiday weekend, it's proving a testing time for many.

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