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80mph speed limit will 'cost lives'

A Norfolk mother has joined the campaign to keep the national speed limit at seventy miles per hour.

Liz Voysey lost her daughter in a crash on the A47 and says government plans to raise the limit to 80 will cause even more deaths.

The speed limit could be raised to 80mph Credit: ITV Anglia

Raising the issue about raising the limits. Liz Voysey's only daughter, Amy was killed on the A47 near Dereham eight years ago. Her broken down car was hit by a speeding driver.

Liz Voysey said: "The crash investigator did actually tell me that had he been sticking to the speed limit the chances are Amy would still be alive.

"The reason is speed limits are set to give us hazard perception times. To give us time to see ahead and if necessary take evasive action. Clearly the guy that killed Amy, he was doing 80 mph, those precious seconds were lost."

The average stopping distance at 30 mph is 23 metres at 50 mph it's 53 metres. At 70mph it's 96 metres but at 80 mph the distances are 27% longer at 122 metres.

So safety is a big issue but looking at it realistically, on a small island with 35 million vehicles on our roads the chances of driving at 80mph are few and far between.

The government is proposing to trial the new limit on parts of the M1 and the M25 - saying it will benefit the economy by millions of pounds.

Kevin Delaney, from the Institute for Advanced Motorists, said: "Well over half the traffic on the motorways is travelling way over the 70 mph speed limit and something like one fifth of them are doing 80 already.

"And if all we do by raising the speed limit is actually create a climate where people drive without breaking the law then I think it will have been a good thing, just for that."

But campaigners claim the extra cost in fuel bills and health costs from the increased number of crashes will amount to a billion pounds a year while causing 25 more deaths a year they say. Deaths that Liz Voysey believes can be prevented.