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Suffolk-Essex power cable decision announced

Today is decision day for campaigners who want the cables buried underground Photo: ITV Anglia

National Grid is announcing today which parts of a new 400,000v electricity connection between Suffolk and Essex it plans to bury underground.

Campaigners have been calling for most of the 17-mile route to be buried underground, but National Grid has already said it cannot justify the cost of burying the whole line.

For much of the route between Bramford in Suffolk, and Twinstead in Essex, overground pilons will be put into place, they will stand 65 feet taller than the ones already there.

National Grid have been consulting with the public for two years on the plans and a further round of public consultation is being launched for residents in the Hintlesham area, where route options are available to both the north and south of the village.

Speaking earlier this year, John Foster, a campaigner against the pylons said: "There is no good route for putting 152 foot pylons across fantastic Suffolk Countryside. There are far better transmission solutions and they should have looked at those much closer from the outset."

The East is fast becoming a centre for the UK's renewable energy production and the National Grid is having to cope with an increase in demand.

With a possible Sizewell C as well and other wind farms planned off our coast, many fear that more and more pylons could appear on our horizon.

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