The future of the derelict site of the former RAF Colitshall airbase in Norfolk could soon be decided.

Norfolk County Council has announced a multi-million pound plan to buy the part of the site that is still disused.

Outline plans include some farming and business use as well as the potential to build new homes.

The decision to purchase the site could be approved by the council cabinet next month.

Discussions with interested parties will be held in the coming months, once the sale is complete, but ideas likely to be explored by the County Council include:

  • Local public ownership of the site could see much of the acreage returned to farming/rural businesses - potentially giving opportunities for people who want a career in agricultural businesses but who need a helping hand to get on the ladder.

  • Some of the valued community amenities that were lost when the RAF took the base over, such as lanes and byroads, could be reinstated.

  • Designated heritage assets on the site would be preserved and work carried out with English Heritage, special interest groups and local communities with the aim of some historic parts of the base being opened up and information displayed for the public to enjoy and understand.

  • The possibility of some new housing could be explored and facilities improved to help create new jobs and businesses for local people.

"From the community's point of view, we would very much welcome some firm proposals for the site which has been left in limbo for far too long. Local people will want to see the detail, but I think would welcome a return of some of the site to agricultural land and the idea of retaining a sense of the heritage of the site."