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Seventeen year olds face "daunting" future

The Deputy Vice Chancellor of the University of East Anglia has told Anglia News that today's 17 year olds face a "daunting future" as they struggle with rising tuition fees and a tough economic climate. At the UEA applications are down 13% on last year.

Professor Thomas Ward also commented on recent figures which show university applications are dropping more sharply in the East of England than the rest of Britain. He said that aspirations can be lower amongst school leavers in the region than elsewhere, even though students here are no less sucessful.

"It's important to confront the reality that it is a struggle to raise aspirations in East Anglia."

– Professor Thomas Ward, Deputy Vice Chancellor UEA

Professor Ward said he expects applications to recover slightly in the coming years, but that some students may be permanently put off by the high fees even though they would benefit from university.

Watch the full interview below.

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