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Hero hound nominated for prestigious award

Lena Welch with guide dog Texan Photo: ITV Anglia

For visually impaired Lena Welch, her guide dog is not just a lifeline - he's a lifesaver too!.

The labrador retriever prevented Lena, 23, of Milton Keynes, being knocked down on a busy street.

Lena explained: "We were just getting to the middle of the road when Texan just went in front of me and stopped me from going any further. And a few seconds later another car just must have over taken the stopped car and whizzed off and so if it wasn't for Texan that day, then I would have been knocked down".

Lena, who's been visually impaired since birth has nominated Texan for the Guide Dog of Year Award and the 2-and-a-half-year-old labrador has made it to the final three.

Texan in action Credit: ITV Anglia

He's a very special dog to me, for doing that, you know, just for being my life saver I felt he deserved some recognition

– Lena Welch

Texan and Lena have been together for just over a year and Lena can't imagine life without him.

"He's just fitted in with my life, home life, you know, social life and work life so well. That he's just amazing, absolutely amazing".

Lena will find out if Texan's won at an awards ceremony later this month. But as far as she's concerned it's already a winning partnership.

Texan takes a well-earned rest Credit: ITV Anglia